Wholesale Distributors Serving South America & The Caribbean

Welcome to Titan General Agency, a brand-driven wholesale food and drink distributor providing South America and the Caribbean with exclusive products and consumer-driven marketing solutions.
We work strategically with colleagues in our target markets to build brand equity through superior service and partnerships. Titan and its affiliates have over 50 years combined experience in the field of brand distribution, collaborating directly with our brand principals, brokers, and distributing partners to ensure professionalism.
Carefully selecting our brands based on consumer demands and market efficiency, our agency is the sole South American and Caribbean distributor of the following wholesale brands:
Wise Chips & Snacks
Filipo Berio
WKD & Woody’s
Apple Beer
Coco Rio
Four Loko
Jones Soda
MOKAÏ – Heavenly Cider 
CULT SHAKER – The Party Maker
Of all the wholesale distributors in the Caribbean and South America, Titan is the most committed to our clients’ in-market growth and development. We value personal relationships with our brand partners, subscribing to the philosophy that strong partnerships lead to exponential business growth. Each of our brand distribution strategies is tailored to the needs of the wholesaler in question, making for personalized service and targeted sales channel coverage.
Contact us today to find out more about how Titan can increase your market efficiency through brand distribution and targeted marketing.